Daily Strength for the Battle Series

  • Daily Strength for the Battle Vol 1

    Training for Spiritual Excellence

    The Daily Strength for the Battle Series is written for anyone who wants to strengthen their walk with God. Originally begun 15 years ago for military warriors going through tough training at a combat training center, these devotionals quickly proved to have wide appeal. Military family members and civilians from all walks of life have expressed their appreciation for the powerful biblical lessons shared in a brief, practical, and interesting style.

    You, God’s Word, 5 minutes.

    Chapters in this volume include:

    1. Trials – Overcoming Giants in your Life
    2. Wisdom and Guidance – Crossroads Experiences
    3. Obedience: Doing the Harder Right
    4. Salvation: Not My Strength
    5. Standing Strong: Onward, Christian Soldier
    6. Setting the Example: Faithful to the End
    7. Caring for Others: The Buck Stops Here

  • Daily Strength for the Battle Vol 2

    Fortifying your Spiritual Foundation

    Building and maintaining a strong spiritual foundation is not easy, especially if major repairs are in order. Similar to remodeling a house, it usually takes longer, costs more, and gets messy before it’s over. And there are no shortcuts.

    The Scriptures promise that tough times will only get tougher. Survival will not hinge on the size of your bank account, your job title, or your reputation in the community. What matters will be your relationship with Christ and your foundation in God’s Word.

    Be assured of this. If you seek God through His Word, pray, and follow His ways to the best of your ability, the Lord promises you will see good results. You will mature and be effective in your Christian walk. I pray that this devotional will be a blessing to you.

    Chapters in this volume include:

    1. Knowing God’s Word
    2. Controlling Your Thoughts
    3. Growing Through Prayer
    4. Learning Submission
    5. Serving Others
    6. Knowing Your Enemy
    7. Growing Through Relationships

  • Daily Strength for the Battle Vol 3

    Builiding Resilient Marriages and Families

    Divorce rates for military couples generally match those of the rest of American society. We do know that since 9/11 the huge numbers of married soldiers deploying has resulted in a noticeable spike in divorce within the military. Despite focused attention by military leaders, efforts have not achieved the desired outcomes. In matters relating to marriage and family, brave warriors and their families seem to succumb to the same issues that plague the rest of American society.

    Statistics fail to tell the whole story. What about the quality of life that exists within marriages and families that do survive? Are couples happily married and raising healthy families, or are husbands and wives simply holding on for dear life in an effort to get the children raised?

    Marriage is challenging, and so is raising a family. It has always been this way. I encourage you, however, to set your goals much higher than mere survival and to believe that you can succeed in both areas far beyond your present level. God says.

    Chapters in this volume include:

    1. Commitment: Marriage Built On The Rock
    2. Communication: Give it Your Best
    3. Finances: Handling Wealth
    4. Faith and the Family: If You Can?
    5. Handling Conflict: Make it a Fair Fight
    6. Children: Children Belong to God
    7. Priorities & Balance: Keep the Big Picture
  • Daily Strength for the Battle Vol 4

    Navigating Life’s Storms

    Do you find that life today seems to have more trouble and difficulties than just a few years ago? We all have family and friends who are trying to navigate through some kind of a storm.

    These storms are impacting us in ways that are not always easy to spot, at least initially. Increasingly, people across our country are manifesting signs that stress has invaded their lives in harmful ways. We all know people, maybe family members, whose lives have been hijacked by various addictions: video games, pornography, gambling, and even social media. And it’s not slowing down.

    Lord, I pray that each person who reads this devotional will turn to you in his or her time of trouble. As they do, may you grant them the wisdom, courage, and comfort they need to handle the stress in ways that honor you. Amen.

    Chapters in this volume include:

    1. Perspective: Storms Will Come
    2. Many Causes, Many Responses
    3. Negative Impacts
    4. Positive Impacts
    5. Warriors Have Needs
    6. Choices
    7. Future Possibilities

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